Power Generation And Renewables

Sertum was founded to develop Renewable Energy projects in Southern Africa and after some consulting work, the first project was built in Namibia. When the company was rebranded at the beginning of 2018, Renewables and power generation remains a key line of business opportunities for Sertum. At the moment several projects are under development in the […]

Flare Gas Monetization

A large amount of gas is being flared globally as by-product of oil production operations. This gas is not utilized because quantities are too small, unavailability of a pipeline, costly treatment, priority to fast oil production, etc… The disposal of the gas represents a significant additional cost to the operation, especially when H2S is present. […]

Production Facilities

Early Production Facilities Our team at Sertum Consulting has designed, constructed and operated dozen of Early Production facilities in all kind of environments: offshore fixed platform, semi-sub FPSO, FSO and land applications. Production rates have been up to 80,000 BOPD, 350 MMSCFD and included oil conditioning, oil sweetening, de-hydration, de-salting, oil export, gas treatment, sweetening, […]