Power Generation And Renewables

Sertum was founded to develop Renewable Energy projects in Southern Africa and after some consulting work, the first project was built in Namibia. When the company was rebranded at the beginning of 2018, Renewables and power generation remains a key line of business opportunities for Sertum. At the moment several projects are under development in the Middle East and North Africa.

Our strategy is:

  • partner up with a major EPC company (Enertronica) to develop the business in the EPC market
  • Develop with direct investment smaller IPP projects
  • Develop a mobile facility to offer on lease or pay-per-KWh business model
  • Develop an electrical mobility fully integrated model in partnership with Enertronica
  • Develop a fully integrated model in water desalination.
  • Power generation from waste products (this section goes under under “Flare Gas Monetization”)